A new dream has faded away this morning.

Abedalqader is a university lecturer of history and tourism. He had a dream of embracing his new book entitled: “Nailya Village: Land, Man, History,” but that dream faded away this morning.

I hoped it would see the light after a long journey of writing. It is not that I don’t want to hold it in my hands, flip its papers, and read it aloud; after all, I am the one who chose its wording, arranged its lines, and picked its maps.

Writers are dreamers

It is not because Dr. Abdelqader is busy or doesn’t have the time to embrace this newborn, but simply because Israeli Occupation air forces supplied by the USA demolished “Samir Mansour publishing house” this morning. The publishing house that adopted and printed the book to be published before the brutal occupation demolished both the publishing house and Abed’s dream.

People might not feel the helplessness and oppression that I felt after the destruction of this publishing house.

Samir Mansour is one of the largest Palestinian, Arab, and even regional publishers. For decades now, it has been the nest for Palestinian publishers and Palestinian readers who couldn’t get in touch with international publishing houses. It takes authors years to write a book, verify its material, pick its pictures, and long nights thinking about the design and color of the cover. In addition to the follow-up effort of the publishing process, printing, and final product. Imagine, after all this hard work, you wake up to the news of a barbaric bombardment stripping you of your happiness, passion, and dreams. This war crime got Abed, and thousands of Palestinian writers think: is this the destiny of all my dreams?

Why did all of this happen? Does the Zionist occupation fear books, knowledge, and education? Are they afraid people would read about the village of Na’liya, whose people were displaced from it in 1948 after being subject to a brutal ethnic cleansing? — Abdelqader Hammad

Is the occupation worried that Palestinians would remember the brutal genocide Israel committed in this village, located within the city of Ashkelon? Are they worried Palestinians would recognize it even after the occupation has changed all its landmarks? History is repeating itself as this is what the systematic destruction of all physical, cultural, civilizational, and economic manifestations in Gaza is trying to do: wipe away the face of history.

My father (RIP) has always insisted that the occupier, whatever is its identity, is always a coward. Was this Palestinian publishing house a threat to the Israeli occupation forces?

Abed’s father asked him to move his body to Nailya when they return one day. How dare the oppressor think that if they destroy Samir Mansour publishing house, Palestinians might forget! Never!

Today, despite this state-sanctioned terrorism we are undergoing, we are closer to our history Palestine than ever. It is time to write more, publish more, and speak up more to let the world see the ugly face of Israel.



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Nour Hammad

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